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The idea for Fangirl Unauthorised was born of the need to dash from work to the pub to watch a 2018 England World Cup game (England v Columbia, in case anyone’s wondering). You remember the summer of 2018: the summer of sunshine, happiness… and Gareth Southgate’s waistcoat. That summer. Leaving the office, there wasn’t a minute to spare - you had to run straight from work to meet your mates at the pub in time for kick off, but you couldn’t wear a football shirt in the office and there was no time to change along the way. 

As our chances of winning the World Cup faded, so did my office wear quandary - but then the football season started. On a rainy Saturday afternoon at the end of 2018, I decided to make myself an Arsenal bracelet. I was just playing around, I had some classy beads to hand and popped on the classic ‘COYG’ letters, then wore it - not thinking much about it. When out with friends, ones that weren’t into football would ask what ‘COYG’ stood for and would spark up a conversation, others would either smile and nod approvingly (when near home, next to the Emirates), or smile and roll their eyes (when at work, in Chelsea), and I liked the reactions it got. I felt like I was wearing my Arsenal badge, wherever I was. 

It's taken until the lockdown of 2020 to give Fangirl Unauthorised the time it deserves, and now we’re here for everyone. As much as I’m a lifelong – and hereditary – Arsenal fan, Fangirl Unauthorised is for everyone. Not just Premier League teams, but for all clubs, all supporters, all sports. It's for fans that can’t usually find the memorabilia they want, for the teams that don’t have the big contracts, for girls and guys with that ‘unusual’ name, who could never find that notepad with their name on as a child. 

Everyone is a Fangirl, and now everyone can wear their heart on their… wrist, for now. But we’ve got other Unauthorised plans up our Fangirl sleeves.

Thanks for reading, and come say hi! We want to hear your stories, and we want to know what your team and your sport means to you.


Big Love

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